Bennett's passport still missing


The passport belonging to deputy Agriculture minister-designate and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Treasurer-General, Roy Bennett’s passport is still missing.

Bennett’s Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa confirmed Wednesday that the passport was still missing and that it’s whereabouts is still unknown.

“We still don’t have the passport up to today. So we are going to make an urgent court application this morning at the High Court for the release of the passport. I reported the case to the police but nothing has been done by today so we will just proceed to the High Court,” said Mtetwa.

Bennett said in an interview with NewsDay that he was worried about the whereabouts of his travel document and said he had been desperately trying to get it back since his acquittal last week. He said his lawyers were assisting him in recovering the passport.

“I need my passport back. I have not been able to travel for over a year and I really need to visit friends and relatives outside the country. As you know I also have a house in South Africa and I have not been there for the whole time that this case has been hanging over my head. Now that I have been cleared, it is only fair that I get my travel documents back,” said Bennett.

Bennett, who was acquitted of treason charges last week, discovered that his passport was missing when he traveled to Mutare on Tuesday (last week) intending to collect it from the Mutare Magistrates Court, where he had deposited it as bail surety last year.

He surrendered the passport together with his title deeds as part of his bail conditions which included $5000 when he was granted bail by the Supreme Court last year.

He has only managed to get back the title deeds for his Mutare house. The passport and bail money remain unaccounted for.

A prosecutor, Michael Mugabe is said to have uplifted Bennett’s passport from Mutare at the instructions of chief law officer Chris Mutangadura.

Mutangadura has however denied being in possession of Bennett’s passport.

“I don’t have Bennett’s passport. What do I need it for,” asked Mutangadura this week.

Officers at Mutare Magistrate’s court reportedly told Bennett his passport had been signed out by Mugabe on March 29 2010 for unknown reasons.

Bennett, who was facing charges of insurgency, sabotage, terrorism, banditry and attempting to assassinate senior government officials including President Robert Mugabe was found not guilty of all charges by High Court Judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu.

Bhunu ruled that the State’s prosecution team, led by Attorney General (AG) Johannes Tomana, had failed to establish a prima facie case against the former Chimanimani Member of Parliament.