Spurned Jangara violates court order


Spurned Assistant Commissioner Todd Jangara and his estranged common law wife Zvikomborero Paunganwa are at war again.

The much publicised rocky marriage took a turn for the worse on Wednesday last week after the senior cop seized property from the Chitungwiza home where they both resided.

The seizure of the property by Jangara was in violation of a protection order granted to Paunganwa by Chitungwiza magistrate Yeukai Nyamupingidza two weeks ago.

This order prohibits Jangara from disturbing her peace.

It also stops the police boss from evicting Paunganwa from the property they shared.

Eyewitnesses at Chitungwiza Police Camp where the drama unfolded said a lorry drove up to the house where Paunganwa lived with Jangara in the early hours of Wednesday.

A number of men were seen struggling to open the gate that led to the premises.

The eyewitnesses said they later heard voices of people that were arguing about removal of household property.

The commotion intensified when Jangara arrived at the scene a little while later.

“We were awoken by noise coming from the direction of Assistant Commissioner Jangara’s house and when we went out to investigate,” said the eyewitness.

“We saw a lorry and some men that were pushing the gate. We could hear more noises and what sounded like screaming from the house.

“Jangara himself arrived later in his truck and the noise continued. He later drove out briefly and returned again accompanied by some senior police officers.

“The lorry drove out with the property a short while later. We saw Mrs Jangara walking out later but we could not speak to her because she was crying.”

When the NewsDay crew arrived at Chitungwiza Police camp, there was no sign of Jangara or the lorry although several people confirmed they had seen a lorry laden with household property leaving Jangara’s house.

Paunganwa too was nowhere to be found.

Neighbours said they had seen her from the police camp after Jangara and the lorry had left.

Efforts by NewsDay to get hold of Paunganwa were unsuccessful.

Jangara had apparently been in court the previous day where he was on trial for assaulting and severely injuring Paunganwa.

The doctor testified in court and confirmed having treated Paunganwa who sustained “serious injuries.”

“I did the exam and the patient had painful injuries,”
said Dr Munyoro. “She had injuries on the face and was also swollen. We then did an x-ray and it was found out that she had fractured her skull.

“The skull is a hard bone which shows that severe force was used that is how it got fractured as it is not easy.”

He said although the head injury was not in itself life-threatening, the fits that Paunganwa had developed as a result of the injury, were indeed life-threatening.