Genocide fugitive arrested


Charles Bandora, a high profile Rwandan genocide fugitive, who briefly sought sanctuary in Zimbabwe, has now been arrested.

Bandora reportedly stayed in Zimbabwe early this year after he was released from a detention centre in Malawi.

His stay was never confirmed by authorities although official media reports in Rwanda said he was in Harare seeking asylum.

“This is not the first time Bandora is arrested. He was first arrested in Malawi on January 20 this year and released under unclear circumstances and few days later resurfaced in Zimbabwe,” New Times reported on Tuesday.

The alleged genocide fugitive was early this week arrested at Zaventem International Airport as he tried to enter Belgium. It was not clear where he was coming from.

The paper said Bandora could be extradited to his motherland to face charges relating to the 1994 genocide.

According to Rwandan prosecution spokesperson, Augustin Nkusi, Bandora is accused of having financed the training and arming of Interahamwe militia in Rwanda’s Bugesera, Eastern Province.

Rwanda issued an international arrest warrant for Bandora after he had been released in Malawi and sneaked into Zimbabwe.

He was subsequently put on an Interpol Red Notice that led to his arrest in the Belgian capital.