Artists form urban grooves association


Urban Grooves artists and producers have teamed up to form the Urban Grooves Association.

The association’s main aim is to convince Zimbabweans to accept urban Groove artists and support them until they are internationally recognized, according to its public relations representative, Joe Machingura.

“We have received bad publicity and our image has been tarnished over the years but right now we are trying to clean up ourselves and to become role models,”Machingura said.

He said that urban grooves artists had never really been involved in the activities of the Zimbabwe Musicians Association because they were never invited.

“We were segregated and that is the main reason why we have decide to do our own thing,” he said.

Urban Groovers, he said had five years ago tried to form such an association but their attempts had failed because of the artists’ immaturity then.

“We have realised that we need to have a serious attitude towards our music because most of us rely on it entirely – just like any other professional qualification,” he said.

A functional board had already been put in place to administer the day to day running of the association.