‘Sores of Emmanuel’ a big local hit movie


The latest Zimbabwean movie, Sores of Emmanuel was launched at the 7Arts theatre ceremony on Friday night.

Sores of Emmanuel comes with a unique theme portraying the problems faced by single fathers.

“The movie focuses on the trials and tribulations that single fathers go through. It reflects that not only single mothers go through challenges but also single fathers,” said the movie’s writer and producer, Charles Mutyavaviri.

He said that besides single fatherhood, the movie also represented a typical Zimbabwean life situation while giving hope for a prosperous future.

The movie focuses on the life of Emmanuel – a Murehwa-based unemployed single father who has four children. He has a lot of determination and potential and great needs too – but he is unemployed and extremely poor.

Drama begins when the poor man gets hold of the country’s most sought after stone, the diamond.

Excited about his find, Emmanuel makes the decision to take the gem to the capital city, Harare where, while attempting to sell it, he is duped and the diamond is stolen by city dealers.

“I was inspired by real life situations when I wrote this movie. I looked at the social and economic problems that Zimbabweans were going through,” he said.

“Sores of Emmanuel” was originally a 2007 production as a short film and in January 2008 Mutyavaviri decided to construct it to the movie it is today.

Edmore Sandifolo who plays Emmanuel in the movie said: “I feel so honoured to be the main character in the movie although I went through a torrid time during production, including burning under the scotching sun of Murehwa. But I guess it was all worth it because it relates to every Zimbabwean.”

“This is a sign of the Zimbabwean Film industry’s coming of age and ZBC will assist its publicity by all means,” said ZBC Chief Executive Officer, Happison Muchechetera.