Rwanda receives EU windfall


The European Union gave Rwanda a 73,8 million euro grant on Monday for rural development, road building and governance programs in the tiny central African country.

Half the funds will be channelled through sector budget support, the EU said. Landlocked Rwanda is frequently praised by donors for its efficient and transparent use of aid, which have helped the country achieve an average 8 percent economic growth in the last decade.

“These are key sectors of development, poverty reduction and consolidation of democracy,” EU ambassador Michel Arrion said in a statement.

The EU said 32 million euro will be used to improve the main trunk route to Uganda.

Another 12 million euro aims to improve justice, law and order and reconciliation in the tiny nation of 10 million, whose institutions were completely destroyed during a genocide 16 years ago.

Three months before a presidential poll, 5,3 million euro will help boost the capacity of the National Electoral Commission.

The remaining 20 million euros and 4,5 million euro will help improve food security and soil conservation, the EU said.