Sizzla goes home with no pay


Jamaican reggae star Sizzla Kalonji went home empty handed after, Patrick Zhuwao allegedly failed to pay for his performance at the Independence Day celebrations and 21st February Movement gala.

It has emerged that Patrick Zhuwao, who was one of the organisers of the gala, has reportedly told all the artists he owes money that he will pay them once he has sold his tobacco crop.

Zhuwao is alleged to have sent an sms to some of the musicians who include Alick Macheso, Extra Large, Rockford Josphat and Shiloh Binyamin Shimon who performed along-side Sizzla.

Transit Crew were part of the local acts that performed at the Independence Day Gala, but were believed to have been paid. The band has standing arrangements with Zhuwao – they perform at his Harare pub every week.

About 5 000 people attended the Independence Day bash.

Most of them paid at least $10, but the organisers were unable to break even.

“We saw them (organisers) spending money on unnecessary things like beer and food before the Independence gig,” said a musician who was trying to persuade Zhuwao to pay up.

Sizzla, who has made his support for President Robert Mugabe and his land policy public, left the country last month a broken man.

He was not paid a single cent for performing at Mugabe’s birthday and also at the gala.

The Jamaican star would hopefully return to Zimbabwe in June according to one of the artists he is working with.

Zhuwao said: “People want to use my name and drag it into the mud. I did not attend the said gala though I was part of the organisers.”

“The young musicians were probably duped.

“The celebrations and the gala were two different events and the organisers used my name and the tag of the people who organised the event but we had no problem with that.

“Give them my numbers so that l may assist them.”

“I am a farmer and any financial transactions I get myself in are related to that. Vapfanha vakahedhwa ava, (The guys were duped) they need help,” he said.