Buy Malajila campaign flops


Dynamos Football Club supporters who have for years demanded control of the club claiming they could sponsor the team, managed to raise a paltry $450 in their “Buy Malajila” campaign at Rufaro Stadium during the derby clash against bitter rivals Caps United.

Asked what went awry with the campaign Dynamos chairman Farayi Munetsi gave the impression it was a brainchild of the supporters and no official was involved – implying the campaign was poorly organised.

“The supporters were spearheading the programme on Sunday where the supporters had printed a total of 500 tickets, each going for $5 and if even if all of them had been bought, the money raised would not have been enough to meet Chapungu’s demands,” he said.

“They only managed to raise $450, but we are still hopeful that we will be able to come up with the money required so that he (Malajila) travels with the team to Botswana for the tie against Gaborone United, said Munetsi.

The tickets that were being sold outside and inside the stadium during the match against Caps United, were inscribed “Let’s Buy Malajila”.

Chapungu wants $24 000 before they release Malajila to Dynamos. Caps United are rumoured to have expressed an interest in the star striker as well.

Dynamos are undoubtedly the country’s most supported team at the moment and the high turnout at Rufaro proved that.

When Dynamos was embroiled in an ownership wrangle involving the George Shaya faction and the current chairman of the board of trustees Richard Chiminya, the Dynamos Supporters Association claimed they were able to run the club and wanted to take over.

Sunday’s failure to raise the money may have proved the Dynamos Supporter’s Association was after all not capable of running the club or sourcing funds as they have claimed for years.

Munetsi also told NewsDay that they would be meeting officials from Chapungu on Wednesday to iron out any outstanding issues, a development which could see Malajila travelling with the team to Botswana this week.