Real hope for cleft lip sufferers


Operations of children with the cleft lip and cleft palate conditions kicked off Monday with eight children having gone through surgery.

The director of Operation of Hope Doctor Jennifer Trubenbach said: “We are excited that parents brought their children from all over the country.” Some parents and their children traveled more than six hours to get the treatment.

“Operations have started and so far we have had four who have already gone through the operation,” said Dr Trubenbach.

She said the operations were “successful”. Four others were scheduled for operations.

Dr Trubenbach said this meant that at least eight children would be operated on each day for the next two weeks.

Parents of some of the children that were chosen for the operations said they were happy and grateful for the treatment that their children were going to receive.

“I feel relived and happy that my daughter is being operated, at least she will be able to play with others and they will not laugh at her anymore, would like to thank these doctors too,” said Tambudzai Zhou from Mberengwa.

All surgeries, medications, hospital and surgical fees are free.

The seventeen all volunteer surgical team is from the US. They have been assisting ailing Zimbabweans since 2006.