School dream comes true


Sylvia Musasiwa was born in a family of 11 children, and that included a brother who was deaf and dumb.

Her brother’s disability inspired and motivated her to establish Vimbainesu Learning Institute, a centre for children with hearing and speech impairment.

“We all couldn’t communicate with him and when I went to Australia, l did a special education programme to add on to my teachers’ diploma,” says Musasiwa who founded the centre.

The centre was established in November 1992 and it initially operated from Calvary Church in Mabelreign, Harare.

At least 150 children, drawn from different walks of life were enrolled.

The idea to start up this project came up when she was a teacher at Gateway High School which mainly enrolled students from the elite class.

“I wanted to do something special for the underprivileged and hence the reason I came up with the plan to start my own school.

” I had a vision where I saw money in a tunnel, and on February 18, 2002 a couple in Texas called me and said they had been praying for me and the project.

“They also made an undertaking to buy premises that I had identified for the school,” she said.