‘Where will I go with Jangara’s baby?’


Zvikomborero Paunganwa the woman, who accused her common law husband, Assistant Police Commissioner Todd Jangara of abusing her, has endured more pain – she has been dumped and left to care for her new born baby girl on her own.

“When I came to the hospital I sent him (Jangara) a message and I told him that I have been admitted and he said that there was nothing he could do and that he had pending issues in court.

He said I should talk to his lawyer instead. Since then I have not talked to him at all,” Paunganwa said this week.

Unable to leave the Chitungwiza General Hospital because she owes $555 in medical bills, Paunganwa revealed that her common law husband, of many years, had since dumped her over previous media reports detailing the alleged abuse she allegedly suffered.

“I have a bill that I have to pay that is why I spent the holiday here, but they have said I can pay at least $20 so that they can discharge me,” explained the new mother.

Paunganwa said she had to undergo a caesarean before her baby was full-term because of the head injuries she sustained after being allegedly assaulted by Jangara.

“I had to be operated because the doctors said it was becoming dangerous for me to continue carrying my baby. I was always complaining of headaches and they said I could die before I gave birth,” said Paunganwa.

“I don’t know what I am going to do from here if I am discharged since Jangara took away the keys to the house we were staying in at the Chitungwiza police camp and with me and the baby now it’s going to be tough for us.

“In order for me to buy clothes for the baby and a bit of groceries, I just found a 20-litre container with diesel which I sold. I used the money to buy a few things,” she said.

Paunganwa said Jangara was not answering her calls anymore.“When I try to call him he just hangs up or the phone just rings continuously,” she added.

Paunganwa has been Jangara’s common law wife for six years.

It appears allegations that Jangara severely beat his common law wife have put a glass ceiling on his 30-year-career.

Police officers cannot be promoted or extend their service if they have a criminal record.

Such appraisals determine the suitability of an officer for promotion or for extension of service which normally should end after only 20 years.

Paunganwa first went public with her situation earlier this year – something Jangara did not take kindly to.

As a result of the ongoing domestic feuding the estranged couple have a pending case before the courts. Paunganwa alleges that Jangara assaulted her.

Court documents indicate that Jangara assaulted Paunganwa so brutally she suffered “a fractured skull and has developed fits and is now an epileptic due to the head injuries suffered”.

Jangara refused to comment.