Urban Grooves producer and girlfriend found dead in Uganda


Tashinga Kurasha (aka Dash of Dash productions) a renowned urban grooves producer and girlfriend Nothando Tagwireyi of East African Idol fame were found dead in a lodge in Kampala, Uganda in a suspected case of murder and suicide.

Early last week Kurasha is suspected to have shot his girlfriend Nothando and hung himself in a closet in the same room.

The couple’s bodies were found a few days later in an advanced state of decomposition.

NewsDay sources, including relatives who were at the funeral last week, claimed Kurasha was an abusive boyfriend who beat up his girlfriend regularly.

“The two had been dating for a long time and there is an incident where he beat her up in front of our friends,” said Jill Mudzonga her closest friend.

“We tried to do something about it, tried to convince her to leave him, but because she was in love she told us not to interfere.”

Tagwireyi who is believed to have moved to Kampala to turn over a new leaf was enrolled at the Kampala school of music at the time of her death.

It is alleged that Kurasha, unable to accept the reality of his girlfriend abandoning him, decided to follow her. He is said to have sold his mother’s car and his laptop to finance his trip to Kampala.

When he got to Kampala, he allegedly sent his mother a message telling her that he was sending their bags and passports back home and was not planning to come back.

Mudzonga who appeared shattered by the loss of her friend, recalled many good moments that she shared with her buddy whom she described as very inspirational and an icon who had achieved a lot in her life.

“Yoyo (Nothando) was a free spirited young woman who stayed in the relationship because she loved him.

“She was a choir mistress at church; was in the top 30 on East African Idol and many children regarded her as their heroine,” she said.

Efforts to get comments from both the Tagwireyis were unsuccessful.

Kurasha’s family said that they didn’t know what happened and were waiting to hear from Tagwireyi’s mother as she is the one who had travelled with the bodies back to Zimbabwe.