Mutambara lonely


Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Professor Arthur Mutambara has encouraged university students to take up political careers because the current Zimbabwean politics was “dominated by mediocrity and dimwits”.

Mutambara was addressing students at Africa University during celebrations to mark the Black History month.

He said Zimbabwe would never be globally competitive for as long as the best minds remained out of politics.

Mutambara said Zimbabwe’s best minds were in the private sector where he singled out business people like Nigel Chanakira, Strive Masiyiwa and Shingi Mutasa.

“How do you expect to be globally competitive when the politics of a country punishes excellence and rewards mediocrity,” the DPM said. “I want to encourage you as young people to take up careers in the public service, to take up political careers.”

He said one of the elements of pan Africanism was that we must have some of our best minds in government and the public sector.

Mutambara gave examples of the American President Barrack Obama who is a graduate of Harvard Law School, Hillary Clinton from Yale Law School and the political leaders of countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

“Young, able people are running these countries,” he said.

“Human capital is the biggest and the best asset that you need to drive an economy and a country.

Let us make sure that some of the human capital is in academia, in business and some of it also goes to politics so that I’m not too lonely”.

The DPM said the Chinese were not democratic but what they did was that three people left the politburo after every five years and were replaced by three new ones. They brought in superstars to their politics, he said.

“To be a member of the communist party in China you are chosen from primary and secondary school. They take only the best to be members to start with,” said Mutambara. “What I’m saying is that the Chinese are allowing their best minds to run China, the Americans the same and the Europeans the same.

“But what are we doing in Zimbabwe? What are we doing in Africa? We reward mediocrity. Yes, let us have Chinotimba but also have others. Let us have a good mixture,” he said.