Minister appeals for help


Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Jessie Majome says Pedzisai Shava Charumbira, the man living in a Tel One substation in Mabelreign, is perfectly normal but just poor and in need of help.

“There are so many assumptions from various people that he is not normal but there is nothing wrong with him at all. He is just a poor man,” she said.

But 38-year old Charumbira has come out in his own defence. “I did not have anywhere to live, so naturally I immediately moved in.

“I have been staying in that substation for eleven years now.

“I am unemployed and cannot afford to rent a place of my own,” said Charumbira.

Majome said that she actually knows Charumbira quite well.

Charumbira who lives with his three-year old son, Tinashe Penny Shava, said his wife left him for another man and dumped the baby on him when it was only three months old.

It is for this reason that the child was once taken away from him and placed at some children’s home.

Minister Majome said: “At one time this child was taken to Danai Children’s Home in Mabelreign. But within a short space of time, the child’s health had deteriorated, only to get better after he was taken back to his father.”

Majome has appealed for residents of Mabelreign and other suburbs to assist this man by giving him a place to stay.

“This man can be of great assistance especially in the garden and if anyone could allow him to stay in their cottage I would be grateful,” she said.