Macheso album delayed by bickering record firms


Nguva Yekutenda, Alick Macheso`s latest album, has been delayed again due to conflicts in the recording company that was working on the project.

Last Power Media recording company was formed mid-last year by Macheso, renowned producer Bothwell Nyamhondera and Laston Mrerwa who became directors and owners of the company.

The idea to form the recording company was an effort by Macheso to move away from traditional recording companies that have been accused by many musicians of fleecing them.

Macheso and Nyamhondera are said to have resigned from the project last week over some misunderstanding with Mrerwa who is based in South Africa.

Our sources said the pair’s resignation was intended to push Mrerwa out of the project.

Nyamhondera confirmed the crisis to NewsDay on Friday.

“There is some misunderstanding that is there,” Nyamhondera said. “We are waiting for Mrerwa who should be coming this week, to discuss the issue and chart the way forward.”

Macheso’s manager William Tsandukwa said the rumours had reached his ears and he had been quite surprised. He said he would ask Macheso about it.

“You see I am not privy to information about Macheso’s businesses except when it involves the band,” said Tsandukwa. “I have only heard about Macheso resigning from Last Power Media, but I have not discussed it with him. Under normal circumstances we don’t talk about his business interests outside the band.

“But when things get to this and the media start writing then I get concerned and would need to discuss with Macheso and give him advice. We have meetings on Mondays and it is at that meeting that I will ask him about this issue,” Tsandukwa said.

Bothwell Nyamhondera worked with Zimbabwe’s major music recording companies for many years before he joined Macheso and Mrerwa to form Last Power Media.

Macheso is said to have withdrawn the master demo of his latest release from Last Power Media when he pulled out from the company last week.

The album was expected last year and is now long overdue.

NewsDay spoke to one of the workers at Last Power.

“We are waiting for Mrerwa to come so that this issue would be brought to finality. We are afraid the recording company might be closing since there have been conflicts,” said an employee who declined to be named.