Sex in the City goes to schools


International Video Fair Trust (IVFT) producers of the documentary Sex in the City of Harare are taking cinema to high schools and colleges.

“The objective of the project is to give students a better understanding of African cinema and to educate them about their African heritage and culture,” said IVFT director Charity Maruta.

One of the five films scheduled for screening is From a Whisper by Wanuri Kahiu, a young female director from Kenya which depicts Kenya’s terrorist bombing of 1998.

There will however only screen Sex in the City of Harare after it has been premiered.

“We hope to start showing it at tertiary institutions, clubs and then, with time, we will take it around the country,” Maruta added.

One of the challenges that the organisation came across in the production of this documentary was that people were reluctant to discuss sex issues.

“We had particular problems at the Zimbabwe Women’s University where participants had serious difficulties discussing their sex lives,” said Maruta.