I have no financial interests in Europe, US: Mugabe


President Robert Mugabe says he has no financial interests in Europe or America and does not miss visiting those nations at all.

He said even officials in his party and government that have, like him, been slapped with sanctions, including travel bans, by the Western nations, were not personally hurt by the embargo.

“I do not own any assets there. I have no financial interests in Europe or in America. If there was anything, it would be a bit of money that they froze a long time ago, but nothing that I would worry about. I do not miss those places at all. I only go there on international business trips.

“Even my officials and colleagues that have been put on sanctions are not complaining about having lost anything,” Mugabe said.

The President was responding to questions on how sanctions may have affected him personally. The occasion was the presidential discourse that Mugabe had with Zimbabwean editors at his residence Thursday.

When it was put to him that his continued grip on power appeared the cause of sanctions and Western ire and that some European nations and even American leaders had made it clear that for as long as he remained President, the sanctions would remain, Mugabe asked what Zimbabweans and the media houses thought about that.

Mugabe called on Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to return home saying it was sad that many of them were returning home in coffins.

“Every week we are receiving Zimbabweans coming from the Diaspora in coffins. Most of them went there on my passport, claiming that they had fled Zimbabwe because Mugabe was not treating them well. But some of them will not return because they went there hoping to come back with a fortune… You don’t just make a fortune in those countries. They just use you,” said Mugabe.