Beware of tight clothes


Tight fitting clothes have over the years become increasingly fashionable but doctors have warned that this is a time bomb in health circles.

Body hugging trousers limit the mobility of hip joints such that joint capsules are stretched. One develops a peculiar step which negatively affects the spine. This usually affects women who develop an exaggerated hip swing step.

“If you suffer from vague abdominal discomfort, distended abdomen, skipped heartbeats, you are suffering from the tight pants syndrome,” says the Canadian doctor, Ken Walker.

Tight jeans and belts compress the nerves around the abdomen. Vital organs are in the abdominal cavity and if clothes are too tight on the waist it slows the lymph flow from the pelvis.

Internal abdominal organs then suffer from insufficient blood supply.

Young men need to be careful for the increased temperature resulting from tight pants which causes heat castration.

Overheating testicles undermines the sperm forming process and reduces the quality of semen which compromises one’s fertility, according to

The Swedish tight pants theory of the 70s saw a higher incidence of infertility rates.

This low sperm count was in contrast to surrounding areas so this was attributed to tight pants worn by Swedish men during those times.

Tight leg wear for women restricts the access of air, producing increased humidity and heat which provides an ideal environment for the growth of infectious diseases such as yeast infections. If these yeast infections go unnoticed they lead to infertility as well.

A well established fashion designer Eve Dhlamini Mabika said, “Nowadays people are following fashion trends, dressing tastefully and suitably for their occasions.”

Eve also highlighted that fashion is not just about following trends but dressing for comfort, fitness and the relevance.

Fashion trends do reflect a great cultural miss as unimaginative people seek to get attention by standing out from the crowds.

Another reason why people opt for tighter clothes is to have a sense of belonging.

“Women who dress in too tight clothes are posing a health risk to men because that dressing alone is more than provocative,” said the president of Zinatha, Professor Gordon Chavhunduka.

According to Doctor Susan Watkins wearing shirts with a neck size smaller than the circumference of the neck causes blurred vision and a tingling sensation in the right ear.

Doctor Chavhunduka encouraged people to dress in clothes that resemble dignity and our custom of respecting our bodies.