Muchauraya's lawyers appeal against court's decision


Lawyers representing Pishai Muchauraya, the MDC spokesperson in Manicaland and Member of Parliament for Makoni south, who was last week sentenced to four months in jail for assault, have filed an appeal at the High Court.

The lawyers want both conviction and sentence set aside.

Muchauraya’s lawyer Chris Ndlovu said: “We have appealed against both conviction and sentence at the High Court. We want justice to prevail because my client did not assault the complainant.”

The lawyer said he did not want the MP to have a tainted record. “The MP should not have a conviction hanging over his head,” Ndlovu told NewsDay from Mutare.

Muchauraya was sentenced to four months in jail with hard labour or alternatively paying a fine of $400 for assaulting a woman inside a police station in Mutare.

The sentence was handed down two weeks ago by Magistrate Fabian Feshete.

The MP paid the $400 and was freed.

Muchauraya was convicted of assaulting Precious Zinyemba inside Mutare Central Police Station accusing her of stealing $12 000 and an unknown amount of British Pounds from a friend of the MP.

The incident happened on August 14 2009.

Muchauraya and his friend took Zinyemba to the police station for questioning.

Unsatisfied with the police’s reaction, Muchauraya allegedly assaulted the woman in full view of the police at the station, using a wooden plank, his lawyer said.

She sustained a fracture on the right hand.

Muchauraya said: “We drove the accused to the police station to make a report so that the police would arrest this thief, but to our surprise the police did not arrest the thief.”

It was then that he allegedly got into a fit of rage although he denies he actually assaulted Zinyemba.