All-girl band faces first major crisis


Zimbabwe’s latest girl band – Ammunition has lost a member.

Ammunition is a group of Zimbabwean artists that were discovered by iCandy management, which also manages MNet Face of Africa finalist Rosanna Hall.

The group consisting of Arundel Girls High O’level students has had their hit single Spotlight debuted on the Power FM top 20 at number four.

“Toxic has dropped out due to some personal reasons and we are very sad about it,” said the group’s manager Shingi Zinyemba.

“It was a decision both we as management and her as an artist felt was the best way forward for the group progress,” he said.

Zinyemba said Toxic had been replaced by Michar, a senior student at St John’s High school.

The manager said none of the girls were being identified by their real names because they were still at school and some of them had not told their parents they were part of the all girl band.

“Michar was selected by myself and Tags through an extensive and exclusive search we carried out over the last two months and then we sat with the girls and came to this decision together,” said Shingi.

Other group members include Jasi, Baby D, That Liz Daje and Baby Cash.

The group was founded in August 2009.

Their new album titled featuring their debut single Spotlight was not yet complete.

It includes songs His and Hers featuring Tagz and Just Another Girl featuring M Breezy.

Jasi and That Liz Daje are the rappers while Baby Cash and Baby D are do the harmonies. Michar raps and sings.

“ICandy Management understands the importance of school and so we stress the fact that school comes first to the group,” he said.

“I’d like for the parents to continue to be the firm hand that they are, remain involved in our decision processes and continue to have faith in this project.”

They have become the fastest growing Zimbabwean artists on the web according to the management company’s MySpace figures, averaging a hundred plays a day.

“Toxic’s departure has changed the group in a way as she is a gifted rapper but we strongly feel and believe in the remaining members and new addition to cover for the loss,” said Zinyemba.

All lyrics are written by the girls and all music is produced by Simba “Tags” Tagwirei of Showtime records and their music is combined Rap, Pop and RnB. Since joining MySpace with three of their singles on line in December they have been played over 5 000 times on the site alone.

“Their Facebook page has almost a thousand fans spanning from across the globe,” said Zinyemba.