Youths demand end to sanctions


Hundreds of Zanu PF youths have given Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai a 30-day altimatum for him to remove sanctions or they would “bring the country to a standstill”.

“If Tsvangirai does not act on this by the 24th of March, you must march against him. Bring the country to a standstill and make Harare a no go area to send a message to the West,” said Absolom Sikhosana, Zanu PF national youth secretary

MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said: “It is unfortunate that our suffering people are subjected to abuse in a tired message (of sanctions) engineered by Zanu PF for political pontification.

“Our advice to Zanu PF is that instead of abusing people with their tired messages, there is need to focus on food, jobs, blackouts, water and good salaries for the generality of Zimbabweans. Those are the real issues.”