Sanctions: foreign affairs must act


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, should spearhead the fight against sanctions, MDC-T legislator Willias Madzimure has said.

Speaking at a workshop on elections and conflict prevention held in Nyanga this week, Madzimure said it was foolhardy for Zanu PF to continue blaming the MDC-T and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai for the sanctions.

“Nowhere is it written that one principal or party will undertake the task. It must be realised that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is from Zanu PF party.

This is found in Article 3 (of the GPA). The Minister of Foreign Affairs has not organised a single EU-Zimbabwe summit or a simple meeting,” said Madzimure.

The furore over sanctions has become the biggest impediment to implementation of the GPA.