Reactions to tiger's speech divided along gender lines


While everyone seemed to agree that Tiger Woods’ televised apology Friday morning was heavily scripted, reactions to the speech were a mixed bag, and in many cases, women and men seemed to differ about the effectiveness of the press conference.

After Tiger’s apology aired on all major networks, cable news outlets, and the Web, the TV commentators weighed in. Among those reactions, the men seemed almost unanimous in their opinion that the world’s richest athlete had given an effective apology. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos expressed awe, calling the speech “one of the most remarkable public apologies ever by a public figure.”

CBS’ David Feherty, a longtime Woods watcher, agreed: “I have never seen him appear so vulnerable. … I was very impressed with what he said.” TMZ’s Harvey Levin concurred, Twittering that Tiger’s speech “hit the right notes. In a big way.” Donald Trump went so far as to express disappointment that Woods even apologized in the first place, telling Forbes “I hate seeing Tiger apologize. I’d much rather see Tiger go out and win tournaments and have a great life.”

But the commentary from female viewers was far less fawning and much more cynical. Even before the speech aired, the women-focused blog Double X declared, “Women will never forgive Tiger.” After the speech, Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren offered sharp criticism of the golf pro’s apology, saying: “Tiger Woods telling media to be good and responsible to his wife… he is telling OTHERS to be good to his wife? Maybe he should have been?” praised Tiger’s defense of his wife Elin, but questioned Tiger’s motives for the apology, saying, “This — along with his now-notorious ‘failings’ — makes it hard for me to fully believe anything he says.” Patti Stanger, star of Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” wasn’t buying it either, tweeting: “That was a ploy to save sponsors. I can read body language. He’s not sorry. I bet he called Rachel Uchitel this morning.”

And it wasn’t just professional commentators who didn’t buy Tiger’s “sorry” act. The Orlando Sentinel (Tiger’s local paper) rounded up reactions from female members of Tiger’s community, and the consensus was that the speech was not enough to make women believe in Tiger again: “I think he doesn’t understand that he should have gone through six months of therapy and then come apologize,” one female resident noted. Gawker’s Doree Shafrir’s reaction was especially eviscerating. Calling the speech “robotic and forced,” and “excruciating to watch,” Shafrir speculated that Elin’s absence signaled that “clearly he needs her more than she needs him.”-yahoo news