Irate residents rubbish council


Angry Chitungwiza residents have blasted their local authority for attributing the shortage of transport as reason for not collecting rubbish from their homes.

This matter came to light when they gave evidence to the Parliamentary Committees on Local Government and the Thematic Committee on Gender Development, which was investigating service delivery in the town.

The legislators were told that council was quick at issuing vehicles to council police and ZRP to arrest illegal street vendors when the town was rotting with uncollected garbage.

They also complained about bad roads.

Chairperson of the portfolio committee on Local Government, Lynette Karenyi, tried frantically to restrain the angry residents as they booed at Town Clerk, Godfrey Tanyanyiwa, who was explaining council operations.

“There is a lot of corruption by top management in Chitungwiza Council,” a resident who attended the public hearing said.

“Recently, I saw a vehicle which is supposed to carry litter carrying gravel to a house owned by a Chitungwiza Town Council employee.

“The people who are killing Chitungwiza are the top management at the Town Council”, said a Chitungwiza resident, Mike Mutambo.

Director of Health Services in Chitungwiza Mike Simoyi said fresh chicken, beef and fish was being sold in the open hence the reason illegal vendors were being arrested.

“The municipality has now embarked on a sustained programme to remove these illegal food vendors with the assistance of the ZRP”, said Simoyi.

Although the city has not recorded any cholera cases since June 2009, the cholera and diarrhoea threat is high because access to water is very erratic and council is failing to collect refuse.

The Chitungwiza residents also highlighted the haphazard allocation of residential stands, where some people had been allowed to build houses at in-fills’ that had resulted in overcrowding.

These unplanned settlements were a health hazard as some were built on top of sewer pipes, hanging electric cables, and areas that were meant for roads.

Chitungwiza Residents and Ratepayers Association Chairperson Arthur Taderera called for authorities to go on leave and pave way for an independent investigation.