Model's fashion design passion dazzles


Samantha Rumbidzai Dika, the reigning Miss Tourism Harare, may have not won the national crown, but she has been pursuing her other interest – fashion design.

At the weekend, some of Samantha work was showcased at a fashion show which took place at The National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Samantha’s designs were aptly crafted to fit the title: “Fashion for the Environment”.

“Our aim is to make people realize that the flamelilly is important as it is one of our national symbols and it needs to be preserved” said Samantha.

The theme of the fashion show was “The Flamelilly” which is Zimbabwe’s national flower.

The 23year old model and aspiring designer’s outfits were in red, yellow and green – the colours of the flamelilly.

“It is important to host fashion for the environment shows as they are an interesting way of making the people realize the importance of our national symbols,” said Samantha.

Amongst her favorites was the artistic and well crafted dress which she designed and used at the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finals.

The dress looks like leaves joined together to form a short dress.

Samantha said: “I have always had a passion for designing since I was around 14 years old and I only started producing sketches a year and a half ago and it seems to be working for me.”

The fashion show was also an opportunity for those interested and aspiring models as there was a mixture of professional, freelance and amateur models.

“We have opened the doors to any models that think they can take the ramp for fashion shows, it is a stepping stone for amateur models and it gives more experience to those that are already in it,” Samantha

“The attendance was very fair considering the short notice on announcing the show and at least many people seemed to be interested,”said Rutendo Mutadzapasi, information officer of the National Gallery.

“Samantha’s designs are unique in the sense that they are not ascomplicated as the ones I always see, they have a modern touch” she said.