No room in Zanu PF Politburo for former foe Jonathan Moyo


Jonathan Moyo’s hopes of a grand return into Zanu PF’s powerful politburo hit a brick wall Friday after the party’s central committee blocked his appointment.

Moyo had been heavily tipped to take over as party’s information secretary from Nathan Shamuyarira, who has retired from active politics. The other option for Moyo was to head the party’s influential commissariat left vacant by the late Elliot Manyika – again this did not happen.

Rugare Gumbo rose from Zanu PF political doldrums to land the powerful post political commissar, while the party’s information secretariat post went to Webster Shamu.

The decision to dump Moyo was said to have been influenced by Zanu PFs old guard who found it difficult to trust the “cunning professor”.

In the run up to the politburo appointments, Moyo tried to curry favour from Mugabe by criticizing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change party at the slightest opportunity.

But as it turned out Moyo’s efforts came to naught – it’s back to square one for the former powerful minister of information.

In the past Zanu PF relied heavily on Moyo to save it from political demise, but the professor has since proved “too clever for comfort” for some of the top brass.

Observers, both inside and outside Zanu PF, consider Moyo as an outright political turncoat.

“We saw it coming. Moyo was not going to be allowed to zoom up to the top in the manner he did the other year,” said a Central Committee member who asked nor to be named.

“Many, including some old horses like Mutasa (Didymus) had wanted him all the way up but the resistance was too heavy for the presidium to bear and memories were still too fresh of the things that Moyo is capable of doing.”

He said Moyo would, however, appear unhurt and continue to work for the party in the crucial battle of wits against the MDC.

Zanu PF is pushing Tsvangirai and his party into the corner over outstanding issues agreed to in the Global Political Agreement.

Mugabe insists that all sanctions against him and his inner circle must be removed before any MDC demands can be considered.

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC spokesperson said on Friday that Zanu PF assertions on sanctions were myopic. He said it was “silly” for Zanu PF to give an impression that there were GPA negotiations going on.

“We are not asking them to concede anything. There are no negotiations going on. All negotiations were finalised when the GPA was crafted and signed,” said Chamisa.

“No party was forced to sign that agreement. All we demand of Zanu PF is to simply implement the things they have already agreed to in the GPA.”

Chamisa said there was no movement at all in the latest round of talks, which broke off Wednesday.

The MDC, he said, had declared a deadlock and was now waiting for GPA facilitators, Sadc to formulate modalities towards free and fair elections.

“The talks are deadlocked. As far as we are concerned Zanu PF is simply being pigheaded and refusing to implement what was agreed a long time ago. The deadlock means we must find a trajectory towards a free and fair election,” said Chamisa.

“We are like a pregnancy that has taken too long to be delivered.

“Zanu PF cannot continue to pretend there is still something to talk about. We should just go to the polls so that Zimbabweans can decide their leadership.”