Teenager Rosanna opens up


The glitz and glamour of M-Net Face of Africa night may have faded but finalist Rosanna Hall is still basking in the after glory.

Last Saturday Rosanna just missed out on the first prize in her first professional modelling competition.

Zambian born Lukando Nalungwe scooped the coveted first prize which included a modelling contract from O- Model Africa, $50 000 in cash from M-Net, skincare products for 12 months from Iman cosmetics and a trip to New York, courtesy of Arise Magazine. Lukando will also model at the New York Fashion Week.

Back home from Nigeria, Rosanna took time out of her busy schedule to speak to NewsDay’s Entertainment Reporter, Tinashe Sibanda, about her experiences and future plans.

Tinashe Sibanda (TS): I remember you saying it was your first time modelling on a professional level, how was the experience for you working with professionals such as Naomi Campbell and Oluchi?

Rosana Hall (RH): I hadn’t been exposed before, it was like a whole new world that had opened up to me. It was great meeting professionals from all over Africa.

TS: How did you feel reaching all the way to the top three?

RS: I was waiting for that moment, it was my main goal and when they called out my name I had this amazing feeling that I can’t even describe. It was like the climax of my experience at Face of Africa.

TS: What can you say was your best experience during the M-Net Face of Africa competition?

RH: Wow, I really can’t choose because every experience brought something new and exciting to my life.

I was especially excited by starring in D’Banj’s music video but mostly seeing the audience and cameras during the opening scene on the night of the finals.

TS: How did you feel being the youngest of all the models?

RH: Competing with older women was a challenge to me but the day I was selected model of the day it was the best thing that happened to me at that time because it boosted my confidence.

TS: Did you come across any sort of peer pressure including drug and alcohol abuse.

RH: We were very well sheltered and grouped most of the time so we were not exposed to that kind of thing. However this kind of thing is always up to the individual.

TS: Did you become good friends with any of the girls?

RH: Oh yes! I was pretty close with Lukando probably because we were roommates and the day she won she had to go for a press conference afterwards and I felt lonely without her in the room.

TS: Did you get any award for top three?

RH: Not really, I got a laptop and every model who contested got one.

TS: What is your religion and what special values do you have in life?

RH: I am a Christian and my biggest value is that family always comes first because no matter how hard you fall they will always be there for you

TS: What were your parents’ feelings towards you modelling considering that you were supposed to be in school?

RH: As for my mother she has been supporting my modelling career since day one and she even predicted that I would make it to the top three.

She totally believed in me and she also wants me to continue with my education. About my father I can’t say much, he and my mum divorced long back and communication with him is very low although he phoned me when he saw me on television.

TS: What plans do you have for your education and your career?

RH: For now I am planning to write my O’levels in June, I am definitely not abandoning school. However I have been offered a modelling contract by O-Model Africa in Cape Town so I will be going after I write my exams.

TS: Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

RH: I see myself in Milan, Paris, New York, I’m going to be the best model I can be. Representing my country was just amazing and I’m so thankful.