Top cop’s promotion on hold for beating girlfriend


Police Assistant Commissioner, Todd Jangara, is desperate to clean his slate tainted by allegations of assault so that he can be eligible for higher office, NewsDay has learned.

It appears allegations that Jangara severely beat Zvikomborero Paunganwa, his girlfriend of six years, have put a glass ceiling on his 30-year-career in the police.

Police officers cannot be promoted and neither can they extend their service if they have a bad record.

A recent assessment by police headquarters of Jangara’s performance found his social conduct wanting.

“He has been performing well had it not been for recent allegations of assaulting his girlfriend,” reads part of his appraisal report.

Appraisals determine the suitability of an officer for promotion or for extension of service, which normally should end after only 20 years.

Jangara has been actively trying to get assault charges laid against him by his live-in girlfriend withdrawn.

Last week he was seen in the company of Paunganwa at the Chitungwiza Magistrate’s Court. Sources said he was trying to get the matter removed from the roll.

Paunganwa said Jangara was trying to persuade her to withdraw the assualt charges. She said only her parents and family could do that because she was now maimed for life.

Court documents indicate that Jangara assaulted his girlfriend so brutally she suffered “a fractured skull and has developed fits and is now an epileptic due to the head injuries suffered”.

Contacted for a comment, Jangara said:”What information do you want from me? I cannot tell you anything right now. I am waiting for court proceedings.”

Paunganwa, who last week went to South Africa for a check-up, said before her departure: “Can you imagine being made an epileptic by somebody? I was not born like this. The fits attack me at least twice a week and I could easily die during those attacks.”

Doctors have advised Paunganwa that she needs an operation to remove a blood clot in her head, which may be the cause of the epilepsy.

Paunganwa faces another dilemma. She is expecting a baby.