Brainless beauties leave audience in stitches


There was drama at the Miss Tourism Harare finals last weekend where several beauty queens turned themselves into objects of ridicule after they displayed astounding levels of ignorance.

Some in the audience were visibly shocked by the girls’ limited knowledge about Zimbabwe.

The audience was left in stitches after one beauty gracefully came forward and said the new Deputy Prime Minister was “Joice Mujuru”

Fourteen of the 26 contestants were unable to correctly answer simple questions.

Gorgeous Rumbi Matengwa did not do herself any justice when she incorrectly named Grace Mugabe as the new Vice President.

John Nkomo was last month sworn in as the Vice President replacing the late Joseph Msika.

Another contestant smiled and confidently declared that the governor of the Harare province was Gideon Gono. The position is held by David Karimanzira who was in the audience.

Gono is the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

As contestant after contestant failed to answer simple questions it probably dawned on the audience that the beauties they were parading were “beauties without brains”.

Some of them didn’t even know what mineral was being mined at Chiadzwa.

One of them confidently said gold was being mined at the diamond fields.

Another beauty failed to name any woman buried at the Heroes Acre.

Sally Mugabe, Johanna Nkomo, Julia Zvobgo and Ruth Chinamano all lie at the national shrine.

Another failed to name one of Zimbabwe’s Big Five animals. Zimbabwe’s boasts of tourist attractions that include lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo.

Many were left wondering how the beauty queens would represent the country in the Miss World finals if knowledge about their country was that poor.

“If they do not know basic facts about their country, then what will they tell the world,” asked Agrippa Manjengwa who was part of the more than 600 who witnessed the event.

“They are supposed to be the country’s ambassadors and must know their country,” he said.

In an interview with NewsDay this week, outgoing Miss Tourism Harare Vanessa Sibanda underscored the need for Zimbabwe beauty queens to be well acquainted with their country and their environs.

“Some of the models (at the Miss World pageant) did not know where Zimbabwe was and I had to make sure I make the country known. I did just that,” she said.

In the end Samantha Rumbidzai Dika, who was one of the better informed contestants, romped to victory and was crowned Miss Tourism Harare.

Samantha, an aspiring fashion designer believes that her African values will land her the ultimate trophy and a ticket to the Miss World Finals.

“I love designing. I designed my evening dress and African attire that won it for me,” said Samantha.

Her next ambition is to win the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finals on February 6.