Spurned Anne Matonga still wants to 'fix' rival Sharon Mugabe


The adultery case involving controversy-courting former junior minister and Mhondoro Ngezi MP Bright Matonga may finally come to trial following pressure from lawyers representing his estranged wife, Anne.

Spurned Anne has engaged one of the country’s top lawyers Beatrice Mtetwa to sue the former minister’s mistress Sharon Mugabe for infidelity.

Mtetwa this week wrote to the High Court requesting that the matter, which failed to take off last year, be set down for trial.

“We request that the matter (case number 2085/09) be re-set down for a pre-trial conference after it failed to take off on November 24, 2009. Despite numerous correspondences to the defendant’s (Sharon Mugabe) lawyers, we have not heard anything from them,” wrote Mtetwa in the letter.

Mugabe is being represented by lawyers from Jessie Majome and Associates. Majome is deputy justice minister.

The matter is set to be heard by High Court Judge Justice November Mtshiya.

Anne, who is locked in divorce proceedings with Matonga, is arguing that Mugabe ruined her marriage by committing adultery and ultimately brazenly snatching her husband.

To compensate for the suffering she underwent as a result, Anne who is now surviving on charity, is demanding

$50 000 from Mugabe who runs a marketing and communications firm, Imago Y&R.

Matonga officially moved out of the matrimonial home on a Chegutu farm which he seized from a white commercial farmer in 2008 and moved in with the 36-year-old widow and wealthy businesswoman.

Mugabe however denies the adultery allegations claiming she was not aware the former minister was married when she hooked up with him. She says she only jumped into bed with Matonga after his marriage to Anne had “irretrievably broken down.”

But according to Anne’s submissions, her marriage to Matonga was well publicised especially after she supported her husband in grabbing a

Banket farm from its white