Big Brother housemate back home and still in love


Our Big Brother Revolution housemate Itai Makumbe may not be a poster boy, but his UK based girlfriend Tsitsi Ziko thinks he is the “most attractive man on earth”.

“You cannot afford not to love my man,” beamed Tsitsi.

“He has a bright mind. I love him from the top of head to the bottom of his feet. He is a very attractive man.”

Back at home and living in the avenues of the capital Harare Itai said: “I celebrated after the eviction. I really wanted to come back home.”

The well-spoken young man survived 19 evictions coming sixth best in a House that had 25 extraordinary characters.

There were times when some housemates turned nasty and Itai was not spared any harsh criticism.

“Some people in the house even began whispering that I was gay, but I dismissed that as uninformed madness,” said Itai.

His girlfriend Ziko said of the gay slur was a simple plot by Malawian Mzamo and Nigerian Geraldine.

“I spoke to all the girls after the end of the show,” said Ziko adding: “Mzamo said to me, ‘Itai was exciting to push around because he was strong. We all liked to see if he would break and what better way than to tell an African man that he is not straight.’”

Ziko said her reconnection with her now famous boyfriend was easy.

“We are used to this. He is based in Mutare doing his studies. I am in the UK. It has never been an issue with us.

“The bottom line is that I am in love and oh yes my man has proposed,” exclaimed Ziko with obvious delight.

Relieved he survived the house with his relationship intact, Itai said: “It was a political game that could get very dirty. You would make friends with guys sharing your interests, but those friends became enemies overnight. It was all a scheming game.”

Itai jetted back into the country Tuesday and was received with pomp and ceremony – a hero that had done Zimbabwe proud.

“I will be going back to school next year (September) but since I deferred my studies because of the BB show, l will be doing community work till then,” he said.

He is studying at Africa University.